About Keeper

I was always a creative kid. Would rather be in Art class (or theater) instead of any other class. It was always just 'something I did'. It wasn't until I was much older that my interest broaden to more then what I could learn in class. One thing that always stuck was my love for the abstract. I've never been one to be symmetrical - could never draw a human form that looked right or a bowl of fruit that was 'lifelike'. While I ended up in a corporate career path one thing always stayed - creating and are was always my release. While some years were more yielding to my creativity others were not.

Where did my shop name come from? When I started dating my now fiance - we made it a point not to connect on social media. We both wanted to get to know the other as time passed not get trapped in a hole of Facebook statuses and Instagram posts. In the process of stealing her heart - my kind gestures would be captured and posted with the hashtag #mightbeakeeper. The curiosity of her friends and followers grew as this went on for months, they never saw my face or knew my name until our relationship was well on it's way. The hashtag changed from 'might be a keeper' to #keeper. She has been my biggest support and truly lit the fire under me to get this shop up and running so as a tribute and expression of gratitude I've opened up MadeByKeeper.