About Keeper

Keeper is a queer maker with a passion for hug-imitating textiles that brighten every room the wearer enters. Bored with natural forms, they embraced the joyful, classic medium of tie-dye. The ooh-ah-ah-inducing feels she gets seeing others in the playful patterns inspired her to create MadeByKeeper.

MBK is on a mission to help you stand out, bring color to bland surroundings, and grab the attention you were born to claim. She enjoys creating gift-able hugs via comfy, cozy, wearable art.

When not creating amazingly comfy, colorful clothing, I'm traveling with my wife, dragging friends to comedy and music events, hanging with my nieces, and being a dog parent. What a comfy, cozy life!

We don't hug enough. Famed family therapist Virginia Satir states that we need anywhere from 4 to 12 hugs per day. MadeByKeeper is on a mission to swath as many colorful, creative, and kooky customers in comfy, cozy clothing as possible. Each hand-dyed garment is a unique gift from someone who decided you deserved a bright, warm hug today. Classic and full of joy, our sweatshirts, tees, and doggie hoodies brighten every room and comfort every form. Have you ever seen an unhappy person in tie-dye? We know you'll be happy, too!

Where did the MBK name come from? 

When Lindsay started dating her wife, they made it a point not to connect on social media. Both wanted to get to know each other and not get trapped in a hole of statuses and posts. While courting, Lindsay's kind gestures would be captured and posted with the hashtag #mightbeakeeper. The curiosity of friends and followers grew over months of mystery. The hashtag changed from 'might be a keeper' to #keeper once they made it official. As MBK's biggest supporter, it truly lit the fire to get the shop up and running, so as a tribute and expression of gratitude, Made By Keeper was born.